Susy Crosser



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I was born and raised in North Carolina and I’m happiest when I’m playing outdoors! Whether it’s on the beach, in the ocean, or in the mountains, I ground myself with the magical combination of fresh air and movement. I spent 15 years as a Physical Education teacher and coach, and have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years teaching yoga, spin, and countless other cardio and weight formats.

 I am head-over-heels in love with my family (my husband, Derik, and my two beautiful daughters), and fill my daily cup with meditation, teaching, and meaningful conversation. I am a self-proclaimed “lifelong learner” that loves to read, and I truly believe laughter is the best medicine. My yoga mat is my safe space where I find my greatest peace and clarity.

During my twenties and thirties I moved to seven different cities in seven years. Living in other countries like England and Spain and in various places across the U.S. gave me the opportunity to travel. I developed a huge appreciation for the traditions, music, food (!), and intricacies of other cultures. Some of my favorites so far include: browsing through the Grand Bazaar nibbling Turkish delight in Istanbul, ziplining through the Corcovado rainforest canopy in Costa Rica, skiing and eating all the cheese (!) in the French Alps, and singing at the top of my lungs in a Venetian gondola. 

My love of travel and passion for yoga prompted me to take my first LIVE ALIVE trip to Portugal in 2021, where I witnessed firsthand the powerful human connection group travel creates. I firmly believe that when this life is complete all we leave behind is the love we share and the memories we make. Whether on a skateboard in Portugal, a surfboard in Panama, or enjoying a cheeseboard in France, what better way to make memories than to share new experiences and adventures with friends?