Our Story

An Adventurous Dream

Live Alive Adventures is a movement that began as a conversation about a dream on the front lawn of BIG Power Yoga in Houston, Texas. Amara saw an opportunity to share her passion and experience of adventure and travel with the vibrant, thriving community that Nancy and Laura had built in Houston. That vision became a reality in 2015 with BIG Retreats' first trip to Greece. It became clear on our first trip that “retreat” was not the word for what we do, so we changed the name to BIG Adventures. We live and travel to lean in to life, to wake up, to be amazed, to be surprised, take risks, and have fun. We don’t travel or practice yoga to escape, we travel and practice to show up. Three years after that initial conversation, BIG Adventures had taken on a life of its own, and was ready to expand out into its own expression of entrepreneurship and creativity. We are thrilled to share with you, Live Alive Adventures. We invite you to give up the need to escape and embrace life full on. Your life is waiting for you and so are we. Join us.


Danielle S. - Atlanta

I am just returning from my second Live Alive Adventure and feel super blessed to be a part of this family. This is an opportunity for strangers to come together and by the time the trip ends we realize we are family. There is so much intentionality behind the trip itinerary. The experience is out of this world amazing. The people are inspirational, fun loving and real. You will be spoiled rotten by Amara and her great leaders. I love the opportunity to explore and push my boundaries to be a better person from the Live Alive trips. The best trips of my lifetime so far.

Emily T. - Washington

LiveAlive has allowed me to do just that: live fully alive - and recognize courage in myself I didn’t know I had!

I’ve been on two adventures to India and Moab with LiveAlive in the past year, and plan on attending many more in the future. I have felt fully prepared, safe, and supported every step of the way on both trips. Logistics are impeccably well-planned and communicated. The two biggest reasons why I love LiveAlive is that it has supported me in visiting places I wouldn’t have necessarily gone by myself and partake in activities that were outside of my comfort zone (safaris, rock climbing and repelling, etc.) AND the people - both times I’ve traveled only knowing a few people and returned with lifelong friends and family. I cannot recommend LiveAlive enough. It has truly changed perspective on life, adventure, and the power of human connection. Cheers to future adventures!

Adam W. - Houston

I took a Live Alive Adventure trip to India in 2017 and Iceland in 2018. To be frank it was one of the best vacations I had in my life. As I think back what stood out was the attention to detail by Amara and her Live Alive team. Everything was meticulously thought out and planned. They do not cut corners and they fully vet the in-country support and handlers they employ. The Live Alive team had activities and outings planned that I would not normally do if I was on my own - I am happy they pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m signing up for two more Adventures this year. Can’t wait!

Kim G. - Houston

I have completed two adventures thus far, Zion 2018 and Moab 2019. Each adventure is not like the other. Each adventure is a unique experience. The unique part from the start is adventuring with upwards to 25 other adventurers whom you have never met. This is one of the best parts about the experience and that’s just the beginning.
Live Alive does all the research for you. This includes food and activities for the day. There will be an excursion for the day that will most definitely bring you out of your comfort zone. This allows for some personal growth that you probably had no idea you were going to get out of the trip. The co-leaders work together to make it an amazing experience. I would not have gotten through the excursions without them.
Going into the trip with intention and not expectations leaves you open for an amazing experience. The most recent trip we each left apart of ourselves with each person on the trip. So many deep belly laughs, s’mores, dancing and campfires. The trip became about the people, connecting and the adventure we created together. It was unlike any other trip I have been on. I am looking forward to the next one.

Casey M. - New York

If I could give Live Alive Adventures more stars, I would. I have been on two trips with them now - Panama and India - having never heard of BIG before I went. The leaders and the people that go on the trips are warm, friendly and open even to strangers like me :)

Everything is meticulously planned, all of the activities and places are amazing, and you leave with a new family...not to mention the yoga is fantastic. It's the equivalent of you researching for DAYS about where to go and what to do, but it's all done for you! I seriously don't think I can vacation any other way...Not having to plan anything while also knowing everything is going to be best in class is the only way to truly relax and have an amazing time.

I'm forever grateful for Amara and Live Alive for opening my eyes to the amazing world of travel out there, and I cannot recommend this group enough.

Francisco G. - Taipei

The retreats are incredibly well planned and even the smallest details were taken into account. I'm actually paid to look for tiny issues as my full time job so I'm confident in that statement. The locations are fantastic offer breath taking scenery. The accommodations are impeccable with great rooms and food that's so fresh and delicious that I'm getting hungry thinking about it right now.

More than anything the activities and the hosts are masters in making you feel welcome in your own skin and that makes it easy for the group to bond and connect. As a result not only do you come back with some incredible stories (like surfing and jumping off waterfalls on black sand beaches when you don't necessarily know how to swim) you also get to come back with a community. I'm still in touch with people from both trips.

I've been to two LIVE ALIVE Adventures and both were life changing for me. The first trip was to Panama and I was opened to a whole new world of possibilities for myself. I felt so changed that I decided to take yoga teacher training after Panama. The second trip was to Nicaragua and I came back with the confidence to teach yoga and pursue my career as an engineer. I had so many adventures I could tell that I didn't have to limit myself in my regular life. LIVE ALIVE.

Monica M. - Houston

I have been to 2 adventures with Live Alive Adventures and planning on going to many more!!! France and India were amazing .
The level of planning is incredible, the experiences, the food and the lodging are beyond something i would be able to coordinate by myself. As an adult, it feels like going to summer camp not knowing many people , yet all with the same intention to have fun, open to travel and experience adventures ... and at the end of the trip it feel like traveling with family! I have made amazing connections on these trips that add to my life. If you are looking to have a vacation were there is little planning on your part once you get there except what clothes to wear (which they do a good job in telling you) and socialize, be active and amazed this is the group to do it with!

Tami J.- Houston

I’ve been on various trips with LiveAlive. Each offers something different, always full of adventure. I’ve most enjoyed the trips for the community and the people. With each trip Amara promotes the unwritten expectations for successful adventure travel: be flexible, be open and committed to community, be brave, have no expectations.

Amara builds fantastic relationships in the places she chooses to bring her adventurers, and she thoughtfully plans every aspect from the places, adventures, guides, food.
I believe I have met some of the most remarkable people who have made my adventure and my life more vibrant—From the LiveAlive co-leaders to the resort and surf instructors in Panama to the mountaineering guides in Moab to the country guide in Iceland to Drishti Photography along to capture it all. Not to mention all the others along to adventure!

With every trip I feel like my travel is shared with friends, and I have a growing community of friends near and far. As a seasoned traveler, I’m finally able to enjoy what I love with people I love!!

Elizabeth G. - Louisiana

I have been on three Live Alive Adventures and plan on going on several more. The accommodations are top notch. Every little detail is planned with great care and attention and leaves you with experiences like no other. I have stepped out of my comfort zone with every adventure and come back a better person! I high recommend Live Alive Adventures to everyone!