Our Story

An Adventurous Dream

Live Alive Adventures is a movement that began as a conversation about a dream on the front lawn of BIG Power Yoga in Houston, Texas. Amara saw an opportunity to share her passion and experience of adventure and travel with the vibrant, thriving Baptiste Yoga community that Nancy and Laura had built in Houston. That vision became a reality in 2015 with BIG Retreats' first trip to Greece. It became clear on our first trip that “retreat” was not the word for what we do, so we changed the name to BIG Adventures. We live and travel to lean in to life, to wake up, to be amazed, to be surprised, take risks, and have fun. We don’t travel or practice yoga to escape, we travel and practice to show up. Three years after that initial conversation, BIG Adventures had taken on a life of its own, and was ready to expand out into its own expression of entrepreneurship and creativity. We are thrilled to share with you, Live Alive Adventures. We invite you to give up the need to escape and embrace life full on. Your life is waiting for you and so are we. Join us.