Nancy Perry

Nancy Perry

Upcoming adventures: PANAMA, PERU



Nancy has come to understand there are two types of adventure.

Everyday adventure is the skill that it takes to build the experience of enjoyment, connection, growth, fun, and discovery into daily life. It takes a special type of commitment to live a life that you truly enjoy, day in and day out, no matter where you are. 

Extraordinary adventure is the blessing of experiencing something rare through having the vision, the commitment, and the willingness to go somewhere you have never gone before, either geographically, physically, mentally, or spiritually. This type of adventure is transformative because it takes effort to seek out and causes you to see the world in a new way.

Nancy learned everyday adventure from her parents. She was taught the values of connection, fun, love, and play from the time she was born.

Nancy learned the art of extraordinary adventure later in life. She clearly remembers the experience of getting her passport and leaving the U.S. on her own for the first time when she was 24. There was a moment where she was floating alone in the ocean in Mexico, and she felt overwhelming fulfillment, gratitude, and curiosity. She realized the power of travel, the healing that nature provides, and the gift of being able to choose where she wants to go.

9 years later, Nancy is still mastering the art of everyday adventure and extraordinary adventure. Creating a world where people get to balance these two things and have the freedom to live their happiest lives is why Nancy does what she does.