Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez

Executive Vibe Coordinator


 A student of life. Growing up, Michelle was always the observer - an introvert at heart. The one of six siblings that would just watch and wonder. She believes that there is so much you can learn when you just sit still and experience what is right in front of you. And so her story goes. She is passionate about connecting with positive surroundings and traveling on a path of continuous wisdom and growth. 

With her faith, family, and culture at the forefront of her being, her hope is to continue to seek the light in a world full of darkness.   

For Michelle, the desire to experience solo travel had always been at her fingertips for many years but fear constantly stood in her way. Until one day she decided to stop waiting to be invited and simply jump into the unknown and experience the beauty of nature and all that it embodies. She booked her first solo trip to Cambutal. It was her first time in Panama and she didn't know one person.

Not one. It was this experience that paved the way for being in choice and choosing to decide for herself. Strangers became good friends from all over the world and she left a piece of her heart in that magical corner of the earth. It's these liberties in life that reminded Michelle that we always have a choice and it's time to start choosing to make the best use of our time or we will crash.

And so she changed her trajectory in life when she asked if she could be part of the amazing team that is Live Alive Adventures. The beauty of the earth is her courage and her strength. That is why Michelle decided to push past her fears and live a life full of awe and adventure. To see the stars and the sun from a different compass became her drive.  There is nothing more beautiful to her than to see God's paintbrush from all angles, one sunset at a time. 

"You send rain on the mountains from your heavenly home, and you fill the earth with the fruit of your labor." Psalm 104:13