Mallory Littell





Mallory began adventuring later in life after her very first LIVE ALIVE Adventure to Cambutal, Panama in 2016. Before Panama, she believed that travel is a privilege and reserved for people who have time to do it…oops. That belief kept her pretty stateside for quite some time.  Panama taught her that travel is exploration and everyone is an explorer.

Travel is an opportunity to feed one’s curiosity, educate through exploration, and to fall in love through epic adventure. It took Mallory, boldly changing her flight last minute on the bus to the airport so that she could stay an extra day to explore Casco Viejo, and to purchase a proper Panama hat, to truly experience what is possible through adventure. Since that trip, she has been collecting passport stamps from all around the world along with traveling cross country to the Grand Canyon and visiting her favorite place on earth, Big Bend National Park.

Her day to day adventuring includes sharing her life with her husband Marc and becoming a mother to their daughter Josephie, her biggest adventure yet. Mallory works in Real Estate and property management, is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher, and a Certified Lightyear Coach. She values good coffee, good food, and long car rides filled with rich conversation…in that order!