Kiley Motley

Kiley Motley

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A D V E N T U R E: to Kiley, this means testing the limits of her comfort zone in any and every way, driven by the possibility of new and incredible experiences. It was during her first trip to Europe at the age of 15 when Kiley realized that there was so much to discover outside the confines of her small, safe Massachusetts hometown bubble. She was completely enamored by the different people, cultures, languages, smells, and delicious foods. Sitting on the plane ride back to the states, Kiley felt a deep sense of knowing that travel would be an important part of her life forever. A few years later, Kiley spent four months in Florence, Italy, which is where her curiosity and adventurousness truly came to life. While there, she learned to make pasta from scratch and fell in love with bold red wine in the hills of Tuscany, white water rafted in Croatia, bathed in the thermal baths of Budapest, skied above the clouds in the Swiss Alps, toured Munich by bike, floated Venice by boat, and went to more museums than she could ever count.

Kiley attributes those magical four months of travel to be the primary factor in discovering her independence and realizing that she is capable of anything. From this learning, Kiley has continued to live her life in a way that consistently pushes her outside of her comfort zone (i.e. conquering her fear of heights to climb and repel off an arch in MOAB with Live Alive...learning to horseback ride in the jungles of Costa Rica...hiking to the top of Breckenridge Mountain to ski down untouched powder...saying “yes” to a yoga teacher training...) and she is dedicated to creating environments that empower others to discover their strengths as well.

One of Kiley’s most recent adventures involved choosing to leave the comforts of her secure life and job in NYC to move to Denver with the hope of turning her passion for yoga into a career. It was the summer of 2017, she had just completed her first 200hr training as well as Level One with the Baptiste Institute, and she had no confirmed job in Colorado. There was so much unknown, and a whole lot of discomfort, yet Kiley knew that those two things are often a recipe for the greatest, most exciting results. Soon after relocating, she began teaching at BIG Denver, and now manages the studio full time. 

She is committed to the practice of Baptiste Yoga and has continued her education by completing Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, Level Two, and FIT to Lead with The Baptiste Institute. Kiley also participated in a second 200hr training with BIG and now co-leads Teacher Trainings at BIG Denver. Kiley’s intention behind everything she does is to empower as many people as possible to discover that they are WAY stronger than their thoughts. She is committed to providing a balance of space and guidance so that others can go take action to cause growth in their lives. Kiley cannot wait to connect, move, laugh and adventure away with you!