Jenny Noonan

jenny noonan




Grateful, excited, nervous. These are the feelings Jenny Noonan feels while traveling. No matter where she is or what she is doing, it’s through traveling and adventure where she feels the capacity to fully belong to herself. She travels because she is wildly curious about life, the world, and humans; and defines adventure as the ability to get present with living life in way that fills you up. Every place Jenny has traveled to has provided her with something incredibly profound in her life. In England, she learned that no matter where she goes she belongs and most importantly, she belongs to herself. In Utah and Colorado, she discovered that the mountains is where she feels at home. In Chamonix, her first adventure she led with Live Alive, she realized that she is brave.

While in Chamonix, Jenny experienced herself at great heights (quite literally) and accomplished things she had only dreamed of doing, like paragliding and hiking across a glacier. One of the things she loved most about leading a Live Alive Adventure was the creation of community. Not only does Jenny experience adventure through traveling to incredible places, she also experiences adventure in her day-to-day life. It’s through her learnings from traveling that inspire Jenny to give her children the opportunity to travel. She aims to provide her kids the skills that will allow them to travel successfully once they begin to venture out on their own.

Jenny is a 500 hr E-RYT and certified Baptiste Teacher. She has trained hundreds of people to teach yoga to both adults and kids, and co-created the kids yoga program at BIG Power Yoga in Houston Texas. She is also a mom to two amazing boys who light up her life and teach her something new everyday. When not doing yoga or traveling, Jenny creates adventure for herself in her kitchen and garden.