Jamie Lim

jamie lim

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Cambutal, Panama. The place where Jamie Lim experienced her first taste of adventure -an exploration of unknown territory. In 2016, Jamie made the last-minute decision to go on a BIG Retreat (now Live Alive Adventures) to Cambutal, Panama. Going into this trip, nearly everything was unknown for her -- she barely knew anyone in the group, had no idea where Cambutal was, and wasn’t sure if she could make the trip work with her schedule. Nevertheless, the people became family, the place became a second home and when Jamie has the desire to travel she makes it “work” and goes!

Being in the unknown, having zero expectations, and going with the flow is what drives Jamie’s passion for adventure. It’s through this, she gets to experience what adventure is all about -the triumphs, the challenges, the laughters and even the tears. Since April 2016, Jamie has ventured off to Venice and Rome where she ate gelato every single day, Munich where she experienced the tradition of Oktoberfest, Dublin where she drank her first pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, and many other places. Jamie may reside in Houston, however she frequently escapes to Austin, New York, Seattle and Denver where she discovers new things to do and experience every visit.

Her passion for adventure goes deeper than the exploration of unknown physical territories. When Jamie travels, she is able to access the unknown territories within herself. It’s through adventure that she discovered she can ride a wave and surf, complete her first “real” hike - Angels Landing, enjoy being in and with nature, and jump off waterfalls without fear. By traveling and "getting away," she is able to come home to her true, free-spirited self as a human.