Hailley Wollak

Hailley Wollak




Hailley’s love for yoga and life-long passion for learning has lead her to achieve her E-RYT 200, Baptiste Certification and curiously explore vision and goal work as a Lightyear Certified Leader.

Hailley inherited her adventurous spirit from her parents who moved her and her little brother from Wisconsin overseas to Saudi Arabia when she was eight years old and by the age of sixteen Hailley had already traveled to over twenty countries around the world. Love for adventure started for Hailley in the Middle East and some of Hailley’s earliest and best memories are from traveling with her family. 

Taking multiple trips around the world has only expanded Hailley’s desire to see more of the world. Immersing herself in new cultures, experiencing rich history and tasting foreign foods are some of Hailley’s favorite things to do.

Most recently, Hailley boldly took on living A L I V E to a whole new level in her life by choosing to follow her adventurous heart and leave her corporate job in banking to pursue her passion of yoga, leadership and being of service. Hailley spent a month in Panama facilitating and leading a yoga teacher training and became even more enamored with the thrill of adventure by taking on surfing the green waves, riding horses down the beach and hiking through the jungle to find hidden waterfalls. After her month in Panama, Hailley hopped right back on a plane to travel solo through Europe for two months. Her time in Europe was filled with frothy cappuccinos, wandering through cobblestone streets, hiking and paragliding through the French Alps and absolutely loving life.