Eliza Ogasawara


Upcoming adventures: PORTUGAL



Eliza is a Certified Public Accountant in both Texas and Indiana, a 500hr RYT, and a Taurus through and through in that she finds stability in consistency and predictability. Yet, this has always left her wanting more. Traveling to new places is THE thing that keeps her life exciting, in the experience of curiosity, and full of adventure.

Born in Japan, and having traveled across the globe through Hawaii, Jamaica, and the United States by the time she was 6 months old, traveling is an essential part of who Eliza is. It was instilled in her since day 1 from her parents: learning from all humans in all cultures is crucial to our growth.

Dancing around a fire and BBQing with locals who did not speak a word of English on the Gulf of Oman — she learned that words are not needed to communicate love and kindness.

Standing in the Scottish Highlands and taking in the limitless stretch of earth — she learned how expansive this world is.

Eloping in Jamaica with the love of her life — she learned that the people are truly what make adventure that much more sweeter.

These experiences, sensations, and feelings have stayed with her, become a part of her, and have kept her hungry to continue exploring what this world and people have to offer.