Brisa Silvestre

Brisa Silvestre

Brisa (Bree-za / she, her, hers) is a mama, wife, world traveler and a lover of people. She is originally from Brasil and grew up between the big city of Rio de Janeiro and the beaches in the south of Brasil. Brisa is a passionate yoga practitioner, a skillful yoga teacher with over 12 years of experience, and the founder of Yoga for a Cause Movement.

She is a Lightyear certified vision & goal coach and deeply invested in personal development and in supporting others in their path of self discovery and creation. Brisa is known for her heartwarming and positive energy, and her mission is to empower others to authentically live and love more.

Brisa's free and adventurous spirit led her to move away from her home in Brasil and start an adventure that took her to Park City UT, Bermuda, a sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean to the Azores, and then a summer in Spain. In 2007, after 2 years of traveling, Brisa found her home in Aspen CO, where she heard her calling to become a yoga teacher.

When Brisa met her husband-to-be David in the airport in Rio de Janeiro, her passion for adventure grew to a different level. David inspired Brisa to backpack the Olympic Park in WA, to hike 80 miles around Mont Blanc carrying their 6 month old baby, and then go on a 5 day hut-to-hut hike through Slovenia with their second baby. They also enjoy horse riding backpacking trips together and are preparing to ascend Mountain Baker in May 2023 and do a hut-to-hut ski touring in Haute Route in the Alps.

Brisa believes that each adventure and culture immersion challenged and inspired her in infinite ways and has profoundly enriched her life and shaped her into a better human being. She is SO thrilled to be co-leading LiVE ALIVE ADVENTURES and share her passion for people, yoga, travel and life with YOU!