Angie Currell

Angie Currell




ADVENTURE: to Angie it means opening your eyes and your heart to people, places, and experiences different from yourself. It means stepping out of your comfort zone to feel fully alive and be in the moment. It means stumbling upon awe-inspiring sights and noticing the magic in the little moments.

This is something Angie has been learning, experiencing, and getting curious about her entire life – really! Like before she was even born! Her parents started taking her (in utero) and her older sister camping, and it never stopped.

As a kid she traveled all over the US, visiting national parks, hiking in the mountains, learning about Native American history and culture, seeing wild animals, riding horses, and just being outside. Now as a mom herself she is introducing her son, Wilder, to that world and watching him thrive in it. 

Angie got her first taste of international (and solo!) travel when she studied abroad in Spain. This was a huge turning point in her life, one where she realized she was capable of making all her dreams come true. 

All her life she had traveled and taken adventures, but this was unlike anything she had experienced before. There was so much MORE to see, do, discover, and people to meet, and Angie was going to do everything in her power to do that in as many places as possible. 

Some of her favorite travels include glacier rafting in Alaska, hiking rim-to rim-to rim in the Grand Canyon, traveling solo to South Korea as well as Moscow, exploring Thailand and Cambodia, honeymooning all over Italy, and discovering her favorite city in the world: Copenhagen.

It is the people, the food, the scenery, the culture, the differences, the similarities, and the magic of the unknown that make travel so exciting for her.

She can’t wait to share in the magic with you.