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Authored by Jamie Lim
May 15, 2019


There is something about the desert. 
Correction, there is something magical about the desert.

It may be the dryness of the air, the heat of the sun against your skin, or the red-orange rocks against the bluest of blue skies. Let’s be honest, it’s all of the above.

First Time

I’ve experienced the desert as a child. A majority of my mother’s family lives in El Paso and we traveled there a few times when I was younger. When I reflect on those times, I can envision the light brown/tan rocks against the blue sky, the dry heat, and the desire for water -drinking it, against my body, give me all the water.

My experience in the desert as an adult was with friends that, in my eyes, are hiking pros. With this, there was a sense of hesitation. I was hesitant because I didn’t understand why my friends were so obsessed with Utah, nonetheless the outdoors. All hesitation and confusion aside, I went.


Dazed & Confused

I would love to say there was an instant click for me when we arrived to the Utah desert -there was not. Nevertheless, I still continued to do all the things my friends did for fun. We played a dice game (Doubt?) outside our Safari Tent amongst the tall rock formations, went hiking and scrambling in Zion National Park, and ate the most delicious gluten free muffins at Deep Creek Coffee Co.

Something that I realized along this adventure was that hiking is a whole other ball game. Not only is it physical, it can be extremely mental. For me, it was a mental in a way of not feeling like I could keep up with my hiking pro friends. As I was lagging behind on our trek to the top of Angels Landing, things started to click.


Every Breath You Take

Hiking is not a step-by-step activity, it’s a breath-by-breath activity. Similar to yoga, your breath guides you while you hike. With every breath comes every step, and it’s when you start listening to your breath things start to become easier (although, the switchbacks are quite challenging).

I noticed that as soon as I felt challenged during my hike, I started looking down at my feet. I wasn’t fully present on where I was going or seeing the amazing view. My breath felt heavy and I wanted to stop every ten minutes.

Then I looked up, took a breath in, noticed my surroundings, and something clicked. I realized that the life I live is not a “normal” life and I have friends that are not “normal.” They are unique individuals who live extraordinary lives. So, how lucky am I to be on a trip with them to one of their favorite places on this planet?

Real. F*cking. Lucky.


Once I channeled my breath and started looking up, my whole perspective on hiking and nature shifted. There’s a moment when you look back while hiking and you’re like, “Wow, I just did that.” This moment occurred for me multiple times while hiking Angels Landing, especially after all the switchbacks.

It was at the top of Angels Landing where I had my lightbulb moment. Once I met the rest of our group and they asked me how my first “real” hike went, my response was, “Y’all do this for fun?” and Amara instantly replied with, “WE do this for fun.”

And, she was right. For me, hiking isn’t about getting to the top the fastest. Hiking is allowing my body, my mind, and my spirit to work together as one so that I can reach the top powerfully.

Disclaimer: While I highly recommend listening to the sounds of nature or having a conversation and connecting with friends while you hike, I’ve curated a playlist that reminds me of the feelings I’ve experienced while in the dessert.





Blogging Adventurer: Jamie Lim

Instagram: @jamielim_

Jamie Lim is a certified 200-hour yoga teacher and avid adventurer. Her love for adventure began in 2016, with Live Alive Adventures, in Cambutal, Panama. It was the decision of choosing to go on this adventure that Jamie experienced her first true sense of adventure -exploration of unknown territory with the world, with others and with herself.

Since Panama, she continues to explore the unknown with Live Alive and on her own. She’s ventured off to Venice and Rome where she ate gelato every single day, Munich where she experienced the tradition of Oktoberfest, Zion National Park where she completed her very first hike, Dublin where she drank her first pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, and many other places.

A creative and visionary at heart, Jamie can easily be dubbed as the hype girl within our Live Alive family. She always know which song to play (shoutout DJ Lim Lim), captures priceless moments with her camera and is able to connect with others in her own unique way.