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Authored by Jamie Lim
March 11, 2019


“Body built for the beach,” and now a playlist built for the beach. You’ll want to surf and get turnt with this playlist.

In honor of our next beachy adventure to Panama, I (Jamie Lim aka DJ Lim Lim) have curated a tropical inspired playlist to delight all music taste buds -cheers!

Based on my travel experience, I can state that not every beach is the same. A beach in Cascais, Portugal has a completely different vibe than a beach in Cambutal, Panama. Both completely beautiful in their own unique way.

When creating the “Beach, Please” playlist, I wanted to encompass the vibe of Cambutal. It’s a vibe that I experienced in 2016 and seems to be the same vibe others experience while there. If I had to use three words to describe this feeling it would be: special, wave-y, and freedom.

The community of Cambutal and Sansara is filled with some of the most special humans on this planet. The staff of Sansara shortly turned into family during our stay there, taking us to places only the locals go to and sharing a cerveza or two (or three) with us after a surf session. Sometimes it’s not the location that makes a place special -it’s the people.

Inspired by: “Follow the Sun” by Xavier Rudd, “Younger - Kygo Remix” by Seinabo Sey and Kygo, “Remind Me To Forget” by Kygo and Miguel, “I Lived” by OneRepublic, “Always” by Panama

The vibe of Cambutal is definitely a go-with-the-flow type vibe. Cow in the middle of the road? Yeah, we’re chilling until that cow crosses to the other side. Want to explore Cambutal outside of Sansara? Grab a bike and start cruising down the road, maybe grab a beer at La Finca during your bike ride. Want to learn how to surf? The instructors at Sansara will teach you. From big waves to little waves, as long as you “paddle, paddle, paddle!” you’ll be riding a wave in no time.

Inspired by: “Hang Loose” by Alabama Shakes, “waves - Remix” by Miguel featuring Kacey Musgraves, “Wave(s)” by Lewis Del Mar, “Venice Venture” by Big Wild

No WiFi, no problem. Just kidding, there is WiFi and it probably won’t work. However, there is a sense of freedom that’s created when you’re able to fully disconnect from your phone and into the Panamanian culture. It’s jumping off a waterfall after the count of the 3-2-1… 3-2-1… 3-2-JUMP -that type of freedom. It’s singing at the top of your lungs to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston after a sunrise surf session -that type of freedom. It’s climbing up a mango tree to grab and eat fresh mango -that type of freedom. It’s never brushing your hair  nor having the need to exfoliate because the salty air has fully embraced you -that type of freedom.

Inspired by: “Island In The Sun” by Weezer, “Lost In The Light” by Bahamas, “Oceans Away - Mansionair Remix” by A R I Z O N A, “Youth” by Glass Animals, “Wilder” by Holmsey

Come adventure with LIVE ALIVE Adventures. Click HERE to check out our 2020 Panama adventure!

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Te amo, Panama. Salud y palabra!

Blogging Adventurer: Jamie Lim

Instagram: @jamielim_

Jamie Lim is a certified 200-hour yoga teacher and avid adventurer. Her love for adventure began in 2016, with Live Alive Adventures (at the time, BIG Retreats), in Cambutal, Panama. It was the decision of choosing to go on this adventure that Jamie experienced her first true  sense of adventure -exploration of unknown territory with the world, with others and with herself.

Since Panama, she continues to explore the unknown with Live Alive and on her own. She’s ventured off to Venice and Rome where she ate gelato every single day, Munich where she experienced the tradition of Oktoberfest, Zion National Park where she completed her very first hike, Dublin where she drank her first pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, and many other places.

A creative and visionary at heart, Jamie can easily be dubbed as the hype girl within our Live Alive family. She always know which song to play (shoutout DJ Lim Lim), captures priceless moments with her camera and is able to connect with others in her own unique way. 


Come adventure with LIVE ALIVE Adventures. Click HERE to check out our 2020 Panama adventure!